Are you suffering from panic attacks, relationship problems, fear, stress, and sleepless nights - all because of your debts?


  Maybe You Think That's Impossible But Just Ask Yourself This ...
WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE TO YOU, Living With Debt Problems? 

No Holidays!  No Luxuries!  No Presents!  No Fun!  No Spare Cash!

BUT It Doesn't Have To Be Like That, Once You Finally Take Control ...
Then You Can Live The Life You Want For Yourself, Your Children And Have Spare Cash For All Those You Would Love To Be In A Position To Help Too!

'Go From Debt To Wealth And Live A Fantastic New Life'

Discover How You Can  ...

  • Clear Debt
  • Control Your Spending
  • Earn Extra Money
  • Have Free Nights Out
  • Find Happiness Again
  • And Live The Life You Want ...

It's So Easy ...  With Some Simple Steps, Good Debt Advice, Money Saving Tips, Motivation Tricks, Legitimate Small Business Opportunities, Plus Many Inspiration Tools, You Can Create Wealth And Happiness From Today! 
It's All In The Self Help Book And Available To You 24/7 ...

  Check the boxes below if they apply to you ...

Are you constantly depressed and worried about how you are going to pay all your bills?

Do you want to know how to earn extra money as well as have fun and be happy each and every day?

Do you worry about losing your family home or just the future security of your family? 

You are probably worn out emotionally because of dealing with your debt problems.  Let's face it, you do have to cope with many challenges in life, however, dealing with debt each and every day can have a very negative and serious affect on your life.

One of the things you do, is you try as hard as you can not to let other people see what you are going through but really, you can't hid it, because it is etched on your face anyway. It's in your eyes and it shows in your posture!  It takes hold of your life and slowly drains you and drags you down because you can't focus on anything else as the worry is going around in your head.

When you're in debt, you reach a point when you can't see the wood for the trees.

But, there is a fantastic life out there waiting for you to grab hold of it and as soon as you decide to take control of your debts, you are just one step away from living the life you want for yourself and for your family. You don't even have to wait until your debts are cleared! You can start taking control within minutes.  You can start taking back your life from today?

Aine Callan

  From: AnneMarie Callan

Dear  Stranger,

I have something to tell you and that is  ...

"You Can Be Happy in Debt"

Right now you're probably annoyed with me for saying that and you're probably thinking that it sounds ridiculous too, when you're going through all the pain and stress of living with debt problems.

But, please believe me, It's more than possible.

The moment you take that first positive step to take control of your debt, is the moment your life will start to change forever.

First, stop for a moment and answer these questions. It won't take a second ... 

Do you sometimes feel that you are mentally and physically exhausted with all the debt you have had to cope with, month after month?

Have you reached the point where you think that there is no way out of the worry and despair of your disastrous financial situation?

Would you like to know how to turn your debt life around from someone who has had the same experience as you're going through right now and yet, ...  they got through it?

I'm sure your answer is Yes and for that reason, I'm so glad you've found this page because you'll soon be shown a way which will help get you out of your debt challenge nightmare, as soon as possible.

(You may be wondering why I refer to your debt as a debt challenge - this is because 'challenge' is the word I use whenever I think of anything that I or anyone else has to overcome. Other meanings for the word 'challenge' in the Thesaurus are, face up to, brave and dare. To deal with the burden of debt, you have to find tremendous strength from within but, I know you can do it, just as I did!)


Or keep reading to discover how to

As I mentioned earlier, this self help eBook which has been written for you by someone who understands exactly what it's like to be in a very negative debt situation. Someone who understands the constant pain and despair you feel when you know you haven't got enough money to put decent food on the table, the feelings of panic when the telephone rings, the fear you have when the postman delivers the post, wondering what will be inside each envelope.

That person is me, AnneMarie Callan - I can show you how you can put all your debt challenges behind you and live the life you deserve to live.

You can turn your life around, just as I did after losing everything in the last major recession, my home, my business and all my financial security. Absolutely everything, including all life policies, were taken from me during that awful time. Thankfully I didn't go bankrupt - I just went completely and utterly broke!

You can take control of your debt challenge, no matter how you got into the debt. It doesn't matter how it happened, whether it was through business debt, credit card debt, bad debt management advice, a debt consolidation loan, debt through illness, divorce etc. but it does matter that you deal with it and get your life back.

Believe me, if I did it, YOU CAN too without any doubt

.. and it is a lot easier than you think if you will just follow my simple, yet profound, daily plan.

I've written this eBook explaining exactly how you can do what I did and live the life you deserve. Nobody deserves to live in constant stress. It makes me ready sad to know that others are suffering when there is a way out of it all.

Now, I know you're probably sceptical. That's normal and I would probably be the same but please read the following

3 Reasons To Believe What I Say about Debt Challenges

Reason 1: My health suffered in many ways due to the stress of my debt problems. Medical problems kept happening just because I was in such stress that it had to be released in some way. Stress is a killer and you owe it to yourself to eleminate stress from your life before it takes over. Once I found the way to take back control of my life, I was back on a path to being completely happy and healthy again.

Reason 2: My family were very upset and worried about my situation. It gave them no pleasure to see me suffering all because of debt. However, my determination to pull my life around has given them tremendous satisfaction and pride.

Reason 3: My debt challenges are now in the past. I am now living the life I have always wanted to, knowing that anything is possible. But my one sadness is the knowledge that today, others are where I was, so it is my goal to encourage as many people as possible to take the steps, one at a time, to achieve their own goals in life.


Here is a list of just 19 of the benefits you will gain from reading Debts Challenge - Turn Your Debts Into A Fantastic New Life. 

1) The 2 Ps
You'll discover how you can use the 2 Ps every minute of every day to propel your life into your greatest success. As soon as you know what the 2 P's are, you'll find yourself using them for all areas of your life. Millions of successful people have used this technique for centuries.

2) The Debt Challenge Action Plan.
When you use this step by step blueprint action plan you'll achieve more than you've ever achieved before, in just one week. Think of the satisfaction you'll feel when you follow this. Soon you will be taking complete control of your life again

3) Where to get help with dealing with your debts - immediately.
You'll find the answer to who can help you, when you most need it! No matter what time of the day or night, it is important to have this back-up support. You'll never feel alone in debt again. When you have reached the point of financial stability, you may even be able to give this support to others!

4) Info on how to start 'this' business for FREE
You'll be intrigued with this information! It has nothing to do with the internet and is definitely worth considering. It's very exciting too! Anyone can do it, no matter what age they are. And it is not one of those scams which are everywhere.

5) The Debt Challenge Savings Formula.
Even if you've nothing left over each month, this saving plan will show you how you can save! At last you'll be able to take control of your money. It may be the first time you will have saved in your life and it will certainly put you on the right track for your future financial security.

6) 7 Easy Changes to get Rid of Your Undesirable Spending Habits
When you follow these seven suggestions alone, you'll be on the way to a more positive financial future. Within weeks you'll have a completely different outlook of your finances.

7) More Ways of Protecting Your Wealth.
Your financial future and that of your next generation will be secured with these practical steps! You will never forgive yourself if you don't take them.

8) 3.00am Magical Awakening.
If you use the information from this section, you will get instant results. Find out what thought came to me at 3.00am on my magical awakening which changed my life from that moment on. If I did it, believe me you can too.

9) Fast track out of Debt.
You'll soon be taking control of your debts with this 5 step guide to fast tracking out of debt with the absolute minimum of cost. In fact, you'll be annoyed with yourself for not doing this sooner.

10) Keys to Protecting Your Money.
People have used this method for thousands of years and still use it today but how many people like to talk about it. Read and reread this, then carry the thought with you to secure your own future!

11) 31 Ways of generating more income
When you use just one of these suggestions alone, it'll make an immediate difference to your income within weeks! Why sit there worrying about your debts when you could do just a little bit more to shift them sooner? There are a lot of ideas here and some of them could be exactly what you could do today, with your own skills.

12) Rebuilding Your Health.
Months, or even years, of constant stress over your debts, will have taken its toll on your health, discover how you can bring it back to its former state and even better!

13) A FREE Holiday.
After all you've been through, you really deserve this. Take a flight to a FREE holiday to give yourself the opportunity of recharging your batteries. You only pay for the flight, your food and accommodation is FREE.

14) Looking after your Credit Score.
Simple steps to help you get back on track to a healthy credit reference. For the sake of just a few simple steps you will soon be able to feel free of your bad credit history.

15) Keeping motivated.
There are times when we just need a little 'support' to help us get out of the rut we have gotten ourselves into. You'll find it really easy to keep motivated with the information within the ebook and you'll soon be on your way to achieving all that you dreamed for yourself.

16) The strength of these words
Believe me, these 5 little words are very powerful and you'll use them often I do! These words have the power to change you within seconds. Why hold yourself back when you have so much to offer and to achieve.

17) Inspiration.
There are times when you will be so worried that all you need is to know how others achieved success with no money. It will be completely impossible for you not to be inspired with this particular section!

18) Start Today - Easiest Internet Business
You could be up and running with this business within days. It's incredibly simple to get started. This could so easily be your start to the road to a successful online business.

19) Achieving your goals
Can you imagine how great you'll feel when you look back in years to come knowing that you did achieve many of your hopes and dreams, including your dream of being financially secure? Start today. Take your first step to the debt challenge right now.

Just to reiterate why I have written an eBook about debts challenge...
Let me explain.

I've written it especially for you, because I have seen all the pain and agony that people suffer when they are constantly worried about debt.  Unless others have been there,they don't completely understand what you are going through. 

So taking all my own personal knowledge, my own experience and the experiences of others, I wrote it because I want YOU not to suffer in the same way and to be free of your debts as soon as possible.

By following the strategies in this self help eBook, you can definitely change your life forever.  I changed my life after my debt problems and believe me you can too!

Don't take my word for it,
read what others have to say ...

"Make it the last thing that you buy " ...


This contains so much amazing information I don't know where to start.

I know if I had read your ebook while I was going through my nightmare of earning less than I had to pay out for in debts it would have really helped me. The useful list of sites that can help, the step by step instructions of what to do and of course the 2 p's... I hadn't even thought about using it that way!

I definitely recommend this ebook for anyone in debt. Make it the last thing that you buy so you can finally start sorting out your problems

Diane Corriette

My Internet Marketing Mistakes


After reading this inspiring book I had a strong feeling that it has been written by a person who has personally experienced major debt problems, the book is inspiring and the experience and gentle wisdom of the author and practical help that she gives, can be life changing and positive for all those experiencing debt in the world at time.

This book is extremely encouraging and helpful and gives step by step techniques and solutions so to overcome and to survive debt and so come out the otherside.

It gives alot of hope to people that are experiencing extreme economic changes , the book strongly encourages people to realise there is LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL as stated in the chapter 'Debt and your Health'. This is what touched me about the book, it makes you feel that all will be OK, to be practical and have faith that you can overcome a debt problem.

From my opnion this book is a practical guide to overcoming debt problems but gives emotional and spiritual guidance and techniques to all people in debt or are experiencing material changes within their lives

Lucy and Alan Bremner

"Her writing is inspirational and I am excited to start using her ideas" ...

Having known AnneMarie Callan for several months, I can tell you that she has personally experienced the complete lows of being in debt and has successfully pulled herself out. She shares her experiences and teaches you how to face the challenges head on.

This eBook is filled with ideas to generate offline and online income - how to organize your incoming and outgoing income - where to find help to consolidate your debts - easy ways to change your spending habits and save your money - step by step plans with graphics and resources, the list goes on and on.

I read through the eBook a couple of times and plan on going through it again, that is how much information is in it! Her writing is inspirational and I am excited to start using her ideas for getting myself organized and earn some extra income. AnneMarie truly wants to see people relieved from their debts and has made it her personal goal to help others.

Yvonne Lyon

"generate emergncy money or earn extra cash longt term" ...

AnneMarie Callan's debt challenge book is more than the typical "how to get yourself out of debt" information.

After providing ideas and resources to help those who are burdened with overdue bills, she goes on to provide a clear, step-by-step plan that anyone could follow to make extra income that will help them not only get out of debt, but stay that way.

For anyone intrested in being able to generate emergency money or earn extra cash long term, you will find the way, in this book.

Kelly Conway

"how to get out of debt as well as increase income potential" ...

If you are in debt, you would want to know how to get out of it from someone who has been there and turned their lives around, AnneMarie gives you practical advice based on her own experiences and a step by step programme to reclaiming power over your finances.

In the pages you can feel that she cares about people who have become overwhelmed with debt and explains how they can get out of debt as well as increase income potential.

The book is inspiring and challenges you to get control of your money and well-being. The links to support agencies and other resources , makes this book not only the story of how AnneMarie got out of debt but a practical hand-book on all the support needed to make it real.

Moira Bush

Warning: Before you buy any other ebook on debt,
it needs to meet 
the following 6 criteria:

1: Experience! Is it written by someone who has already experienced financial disaster?

2: Does it give you a comprehensive guide of all aspects of rebuilding your life?

3: Is there practical information on what you can do to help yourself?

4: Has it got information on places to go and things to do to encourage your healing process?

5: Is there a step by step guide and daily formula to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from reading it?

6: Motivation. Will the author motivate and inspire you to full-fill your dream of creating your own successful financial future?

Months of work went into producing this eBook. It is packed with positive and relevant information to help you move out of the situation you're in right now.

It's the sort of eBook that you will refer to time and time again for many situations you may come up against and will give you the strength to cope with any eventuality.

It is a book that will rescue you from your financial insecurity and lead you back into the life of financial abundance.

How to
"Turn Your Debt Into A Fantastic New Life"

Remember ... Debt Is Bad For Your Health

Discover How To Eliminate Your Debts, Fears,
Stress And Anxiety, Within Days Of
Reading This Self Help eBook

Choose Your Destiny NOW

and you'll also receive ...

an audio interview I did on
'Getting Out Of Debt'

(I am really pleased to be able to offer you this eBook as an extra gift. Some of the information inside is a real eye opener. Even though the information within the eBook will apply in the main to the USA market, there is certainly a lot of food for thought within it which can be adapted for people in other countries. Click the link below to get more information on what's inside the eBook. When you have finished, use the back button or the link at the bottom of the page to get back to this page.)


And I've Got Even More For You! Read On ...

Act immediately and you'll also receive ALL the bonuses below.
I really don't know how long I'll be able to keep this offer open.

Bonus 1

The Power of Concentration

This is a fantastic e-book which has helped me to be totally focussed on achieving my goals. If you want to be successful in life, it's well worth spending a part of your time to learn how to concentrate. This e-Book will take you through the processes one step at a time.

Without complete concentration on the the tasks you have to complete, you will waste a great amount of time and worst still, may never achieve our goals.

Worth - To Be Calculated At End Of Bonus List

Bonus 2

Think and Grow Rich

Everybody, but everybody - should have the opportunity of reading this book at some time in their lives. This is an absolutely amazing book with all the fundamental elements required to be highly successful in all that you turn your life to.

Learn how others did it and copy them. Why reinvent the wheel? Replicate what is in this book and change your life.

Worth - To Be Calculated At End Of Bonus List

Bonus 3

Budget Plan Template

Use this, very simple to use, budget plan to keep up to date with all your expenses. With this template you'll be able to check your finances each and every day.

There will be no reason why you'll not be able to take control of your own money situation. No longer will you be at the mercy of others taking control of it for you!

Worth - To Be Calculated At End Of Bonus List

Bonus 4

Yearly relaunch updates to this eBook

Every time an update version of 'Turn Your Debts Into A Fantastic New Life' is issued, you will receive a FREE download copy of the eBook - this may even happen twice in any year.

This way you will be kept up to date of any opportunity which are available to make your life as comfortable as possible.

(3 years of updated versions, at the very least!)

Worth - The total value of all the bonus listed above, work out at approximately ...
UK 82            USA $140             EURO  E103            CAD $161       AUD $209
  FREE                 FREE                        FREE                        FREE               FREE

Debts Challenge Guarantee

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee

My 100% 8 week Guarantee
 Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't deliver everything I say and more just let me know and I'll give you your money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

 And the price ...
 This is at a VERY SPECIAL OFFER to help as many people as possible around the world.  
I have cut the price to the absolute minimum in the hope that you can afford it and start taking
back control of your life again. 

(Becuase of the currency variations, to get the exact price, you will have to select your own country when you click the Click Here To Purchase link or ORDER NOW button.)  The price is aimed at ...

UK 10         USA $17         CAD $19.65         EUR E12.53         AUD $25.40 
(These figures are very approximate due to daily changing currency variations)

Order Now from Debts Challenge

You can download in minutes --- even if it's 2.00am!

To your debt success,

AnneMarie Callan

PS. Within minutes of reading this eBook and taking the small steps suggested, you will be
on the road to debt freedom and a much happier life for yourself and for your family.

PPS. Your successful determination to become debt free, will give you tremendous satisfaction as well as the knowledge that you can deal with anything life throws at you.

PPPS. Within weeks or months, you could so easily be living the life you have always wanted and working towards your goals and dreams.

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